Blogging Instead Of Binging


My sister recommended that I start blogging so that I can keep all the people who love me up-to-date on how I’m feeling while I journey with David through his recent Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. First though, I’d like to delve into an area that I feel I am completely losing control in. Food!

After David’s diagnosis I really did fall into a depression for a week or so. That’s a topic for another day, but I literally ate my sadness and struggled to keep control. With all the stress I feel that I’ve been under lately, with researching therapies and different services related to Autism, I have still been taking out everything I’m feeling on my poor stomach. I have big problems controlling my eating habits. I used to be able to at least choose a healthy snack over one that is pure sugar. I realize that the winter weather and the holidays have a little to do with it. I want to be indoors, wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks, with a warm, full belly. I’m too busy right now with classes, working part-time, and getting David established with PECS and other interventions to do all that though. I know there are people busier than me, I’m not complaining about my schedule or responsibilities. But it’s like I spend any free time I have stuffing my face hole! It’s not out of hunger either. I have time for breakfast in the morning, lunch, and dinner every evening. My problem is that I totally overeat at every meal and in between meals. Especially if I’m alone. If I have a moment alone at home, it’s like I’m Godzilla attacking all the bread and cheese and sugar in the kitchen! I’m so frustrated with myself, and I’m going to change it.

I felt healthiest when I went vegan for two months over the summer. I couldn’t keep up with it because it was a lot of cooking, which I really enjoyed, but it was expensive to start-up as well. I lost ten pounds and was actually back to pre-David weight (125lbs) after one month. My digestive tract was healthy, I was never bloated, I wasn’t over-eating (even though everything was soooo delicious!!), and I was actually drinking how much water I was supposed to! I fell off the diet because it was difficult finding vegan options in some of Kelsie and I’s favorite restaurants. I would love to go back to it though, if I save up a bit of money for the transition items again, like vegan ice cream, butter, and mayo. Rice Dream ice cream is the bomb-diggity!

So what I’ve come up with is a plan to blog instead of binge to curb my over-snacking, and work towards making healthier decisions. When I’m feeling low, I’ll report it, and find the source of it so I can bring myself back to center again. Since it’s finals week I’ll have some free time soon, so I could get back into doing some cardio and muscle training a few times a week as well. I’m making a Pre-New Year’s Resolution to start making healthy habits so that I can continue them in 2014 and on.


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